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About PGS


Nestled in the White River breaks, Pahapesto Guiding Service is located 45 miles northwest of Winner, South Dakota. If you've ever picked up a hunting magazine you know that South Dakota is a sleeper state for trophy Whitetail and Mule Deer hunting. PGS offers full service hunts for Whitetail, Mule Deer, Antelope, Prairie Dog, and Bison. We offer 100% free range hunts where you will never find a high fence or feeders. 


Pahapesto Guiding Service is family owned and operated by Terry Maier and his family. It is no secret that hunting is quickly becoming a "rich man's sport". This prompted us to take our combined 20+ years of guiding experience and start offering otherwise expensive hunts at affordable prices. Finally, hunters can experience a full service outfitted adventure that includes lodging, a guide, an optional meal plan and no trophy fees without breaking the bank. We have a kitchen that has everything you need to cook for yourself or we can handle the meals for you for a small additional fee. At PGS, hunting is the way it should be; a fair price for a fair hunt.


At Pahapesto Guiding Service our hunters quickly become our family and return year after year. All of our hunters receive our personal cell phone numbers as soon as they inquire about a hunt and are encouraged to call anytime with questions. Guests stay in our newly built lodge that has been attached to the remodeled farm house on the Maier ranch, dine with our family, and relax with us around the living room and bar. The camaraderie and family atmosphere you will experience at PGS is second to none. The experience will remind you of the good ol' days when you discovered your love for hunting.